8-inch Angled Grout Saw :(units= 8)


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This grout saw is specifically made to clean out and/ or remove old dirty pitted grout so you can put new grout in for a cleaner look.The specially angled handle, and the specially desgned blades make this otherwise difficult job much easier.The blade attaches to the saw with 2 screws, and can be easily replaced.The saw comes with 4 blades total, designed with a gritty blade to really scrub out that old grout.

  • measures 8-inches long – easy to grip for scrubbing action
  • specially angled handle helps you get into the grout area
  • complete with 4 interchangeable blades to keep you going until the job is done
  • blades have a gritty surface to help you scrup away the old grout thoroughly all the way down
  • give your tile a whole new look with a minimum of expense and effort
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