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6pcs Kitchen + Home Super Absorbent Pva Roller Sponge Mop Head Refill#g


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Ships from hong kong. This sponge with scrubber is super soft and great on removing dirt and debris. Mop replacement head ensures the sponge will not fall off your hand while mopping – each pack includes 6 piece total.Packaging does not include mops. The super absorbent polyvinyl acetate sponge head cleans gently without scratching and is safe for all floor surfaces including tile, laminate, marble and wood. Suitable for commercial,office, home and industrial applications. The sponge absorbs the water as you mop, so your floors dry in minutes instead of the half hour wait you get from other mops. When not in use the sponge dries rock hard so no mold, mildew or bacteria will grow. The pva sponge wont rot, pick up odors or smell like other conventional and sponge mops. Easy to use c soak sponge in warm water for 3-5 minutes or until sponge is soft before each use. Hand-operated lever for effortless wringing so to keep your hands free of dirt and water.

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